Position: Business Psychologist

position opens January 2023

Application deadline: 6th December 2022 (Update: extended to 10th December 2022)

Final evaluation: 7th December 2022 (Update: Or thereafter)

Interviews: 8th & 9th December 2022 (virtual via Skype or Microsoft Teams)

Minimum requirements for applying
  1. Tertiary education in form of Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Business Psychology or similar
  2. Experience in project management with regards to organizational sustainability
  3. Minimum work experience of 2 years in a related profession
  4. Fluent in English (Reading, Speaking & Writing)
Roles & responsibilities
  1. Providing employee counseling
  2. Improving the organizational structure of the business
  3. Establish employee training sessions
  4. Personal development programmes for staff
  5. Improving work environment
  6. Organise and manage initiatives for the overall health and well-being of employees
  7. Perform employee appraisals and evaluations
  8. Assist with employee hiring process
  9. Provide leadership development
  10. Develop and implement organizational sustainability
  11. Contribute to ideas related to organizational sustainability
  12. Improve overall organizational sustainability to make our hospitality business more attractive to international clients
What's expected of you:
Personal evaluation and development of all staff members
  • Personal evaluations of all staff members
  • Personal development of all staff members
Development of staff to fit into management role
  • We aim to promote previously disadvantaged employees into managerial positions at our organization
  • Your role is to guide them on the journey and contribute to personal development
  • Within 1.5 years at least 1(one) previously disadvantaged employee should be in a managerial position under your supervision
Organizational sustainability
  • Develop an in-depth organizational sustainability model which suits for our organization and implement in accordingly
  • Coordination and monitoring of all sustainability related processes & evaluation through data analysis for relevant KPIs
  • Active internal and external stakeholder management in relation to our sustainability management model
  • Showcase success factors to our management within 1 year
  • Showcase results to our management team within 1.5 years

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