Gabus Game Ranch offers a lot of exciting activities in Namibia for guests of all ages.
Browse through our set of activities below and feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or need additional information.

Game drives

Game drives are open-air explorations through parts of 6200 hectares of savannah-bushlands. With the breathtaking Uiseb mountains in the background, you’ll cross paths with Giraffes, Zebras, Waterbuck, Black Wildebeest, Eland, Oryx, Impala, and if you’re lucky even Leopard, Cheetah, Jackal, or Brown Hyena. Game drives end in style with a classic African sundowner – so click on your lens caps and enjoy drinks under the beautiful African sky.

Horse riding

Indulge the African Savannah and get real close to our wildlife from the horseback. Our horse riding safari is offered for guests of all riding levels. If you’ve never sat on a horse before don’t stress, we’ll slowly guide you until you’re comfortable.

Hiking Trails

Take a step into nature on our hiking trails through our farm. Our shortest trail takes about 45 minutes whilst the real hiking lovers have the option for 5+ hours of hiking trails.

Gabus consists of approximately 1,000 hectares of beautiful mountain ranges. We have a viewpoint that is roughly 5km away from the lodge where guests can hike with a guide.

  • Self-hiking trails Free

    Take a walk through our sable camp & get close to nature.
    Between 1-2 hours

  • Mountain hiking P.O.R.

    Hike to our viewpoint with a guide and see Gabus farm from above.
    Between 3-5 hours

Cave Excursion

The caves on Farm Uisib were first ‘discovered’, explored and mapped by Otavi German School teachers with geological knowledge since around 1974. Many caves got named after the name of the ‘discoverer’ such as Mr Ulenhorst, whilst some were named after their beauty, such as Märchen Cave.

The most extensive cave on the farm at present, Temple of God Cave, is approximately 1 km in length, more than 100 m vertical depth and proves to be an extremely tough climb to get to (1300 ft, 430 m vertical height). It does however require specialist gear to get into, and therefore reserved for the hardy speleologists.

It’s likely that many caves on the rugged Mt Uisib still await discovery. Bushman art including paintings and engravings, stone tools, and pottery are found in some of the caves on the farm.

Experience an adventurous cave expedition in the Uiseb mountains which is on the border of the Gabus farm. The tour starts early in the morning and involves driving to the foot of the mountain before climbing to the entrance of the first cave.

The caves still are in their natural state with very minimal human interaction and offer stunning stalactite formations. 

Etosha National Park

Just 1.5 hours away from Gabus lies one of the most popular destinations in Namibia: the Etosha National Park. We offer guided trips to Etosha where you can come across exciting animals like lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah, hyena, giraffe, and much more.
Etosha a magnificent scenery with an abundance of wildlife and stunning salt pans.

Day trips to the park are available where we leave Gabus at 06:00 AM and arrive back at the lodge at around 8pm. Alternatively we also offer 2-day trips with 1 night accommodation inside the park.

Wine Farm

About 15km from Gabus lies a family-owned wine farm based in the Otavi Mountain Valleys. A traditional and organic approach is followed in the wine-making process.

The trip to the wine farm includes a tour of the vineyard and production facility and ends with a wine tasting session with a Mediterranean lunch. 4 types of wine are available including a bold & complex white blend, a fresh and fruity Rosé as well as a spicy full-bodied Syrah.

Please book your wine tasting tour with us in advance!

Guinas Lake

About 35km away from Gabus lies the Guinas Lake which is one of only 2 permanent lakes in the whole of Namibia. Clear waters and the tranquil environment make this the ultimate getaway from your daily life. The lake is home to the Tilapia guinasana, a critically endangered species of fish that is naturally only found in Guinas.

The lake is located on private farmland next to the D3031 road but is however accessible to the general public. Water is distributed to surrounding agricultural projects that grow vegetables.

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