All the infos: Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa: In 2022 Namibia launched the 'Digital Nomad Visa' for nomads to want to work remotely. Learn about all the requirements if you want to apply for the visa and work remotely in Namibia.

Namibia is one of the most popular African countries for tourists with it’s breathtaking landscapes, abundance of wildlife and natural diversity. In addition, it’s one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world making it a popular destination for nomads to work remotely and get inspired by the peaceful and endless landscapes.

Requirements for the Namibia digital nomad visa

The following forms and supporting documents need to be submitted in order to apply for the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa:

  • Proof of income: Payslips, contracts or similar will need to be submitted that prove that you ear the minimum monthly income of: 2,000U$D per applicant, 1,000U$D per accompanying spouse, 500U$D per accompanying child or dependent. That means, if you are travelling alone you need a minimum income of 2,00U$D per month. If you are travelling with a spouse or partner you need a minimum monthly income of 3,000 U$D.
  • 6 Month Bank Statement
  • A Medical Certificate and Radiological Report completed by your doctor and/or radiologist
  • Proof of comprehensive medical insurance and travel insurance for the duration of your intended stay in Namibia.
  • Full birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Motivation letter from your employer (if self-employed, submit proof of clients)
  • Copies of qualifications from your university or similar
  • Certified police clearance from your country of origin
  • Completed visa application form (3-1/0033)
  • Accompanying spouses and children must submit a separate visa application form (3-1/0033)
  • Motivation letter from NIPDB (This letter will be submitted by NIPDB when you provide them with the application forms and supporting documents)
  • Application fee of N$2,220 (Namibian Dollars) for the digital nomad visa


Accommodation options for nomads

There are some factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding on accommodation at lodges or hotels. Fast and reliable WiFi is the most crucial factor for most nomads so you would have to inquire about the internet availability at your preferred option for accommodation.

Gondwana Collection and Gabus Game Ranch have dedicated pages on their website for digital nomads and offer long-term pricing packages at a discounted rate. Another option would be WildWifi which is a coliving retreat in Windhoek for digital nomads and remote workers.

Car rental companies in Namibia

There are many car rental companies in Namibia where you can hire vehicles for your stay in the country. Depending on your route, we would recommend to hire a 4×4 vehicle as many areas have thick sand where conventional 2×4 vehicles will likely get stuck.

The most notable car rental companies include the german-speaking Savannah Car Hire, Gondwana Namibia2Go or Africa On Wheels which are all located in Windhoek.

Mobile Network Connectivity

Namibia is considered to have a fairly good mobile network. MTC is the biggest mobile telecommunications company in the country with over 90% of the local population make use of its service.

MTC has 3G coverage in most towns as well as 4G(LTE) coverage in a big number of towns so it’s worthwhile to get a prepaid sim card from MTC upon your arrival. You can refer to the MTC coverage map to get detailed insights about their network coverage across Namibia.

The best places to visit in Namibia

The best places to visit in Namibia include Sossusvlei, Caprivi, Swakopmund, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop, Namib Desert, Kalahari Desert and Waterberg. It’s a very big country with seemingly endless roads and at least 3 weeks of holidays are recommended if you want to see all of these destinations.

You can get detailed information and pictures around the most popular destinations in Namibia here.

Other entry requirements for Namibia

Citizens from most countries can enter Namibia without any prior visa arrangements and get a hassle-free visa on arrival at the point of entry.

You can find a detailed list for entry requirements including passport & visa information, vaccinations, travelling with children and more on this page here.

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All the infos: Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa: In 2022 Namibia launched the ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ for nomads to want to work remotely. Learn about all the requirements if you want to apply for the visa and work remotely in Namibia.

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