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The Kudu and the Sheep, Say What?

Sat, 9 Jun 2018

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Meet “Optel” the Kudu ( means “picked up” in English ) and “Skaap” the sheep ( means “sheep” in English ). The 1-year old Kudu male and sheep male grew up together and can’t be separated ever since.

This strange combination of animals may seem unreal but is as true as it can get:

The mother of the young Kudu Optel was supposedly killed by poachers and found by farm workers on a farm close to Otavi.

Thereafter the young kudu was raised with a milk bottle on it’s own until the little sheep Skaap was introduced to Optel from which point onwards they grew up together and have become partners in crime to say the least.

Gabus Game Ranch adopted the 2 animals in early 2018 from the owner of the Total Service Station which has a little Zoo on the premises.

What do you think about this weird combination?

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