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Cheetah At The Lodge Waterhole!!!

Sun, 10 Feb 2019

Cheetah At The Lodge Waterhole

The Early Bird Catches The Worm 

A cheetah visited our lodge waterhole last month ( January 2019 ) around 06:00 in the morning. 2 of our guests who were the only ones awake at that time were fortunate enough to see the cheetah looking, well, a bit confused at the waterhole. For about 7 minutes, the cheetah was replenishing its thirst which allowed our guests to observe the cheetah in all patience ( Patience is something that's usually not there when a cheetah is spotted - " Honey get the camera NOW " ) . The guests also filmed the cheetah in action and provided us with the footage afterwards ( Thanks to Harald & Bettina Geier :-)  ). Welcome to Africa!

Watch the footage of the cheetah HERE

Although there are a big number of cheetahs roaming on the Gabus Game Ranch farmlands, it is not a common sighting. Cheetah tracks and evidence on the cheetahs catching an Impala or Springbuck again for dinner are witnessed on a weekly basis though. A family of 5 cheetahs ( 3 young ones ) was spotted around our the 2nd farmhouse around 6 weeks back, about 4km from the Lodge. Talking about cats, a leopard found his way into our sleeping cage for the goats recently and managed to kill 3 goats, unfortunately... We haven't heard from him since though! Leopards are more tricky to spot than cheetahs, however, the leopard will always spot you, hidden somewhere in the bushes patiently observing his surroundings.

Conclusion: The Early Bird Catches The Worm Is Applicable In Africa Too, You Know ... ( Although we do A LOT different over here)

When travelling in Namibia ( or any country really ) make the most out of your travelling time by waking up early and seeking adventures and sighting that are waiting to be experienced.

UPDATE: We spotted more cheetahs on a game drive as well as a big male leopard in October 2019.

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