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A New Member Joins The Family

Wed, 31 Oct 2018

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A short while ago on a game drive, our guide spotted a very young Eland bull roaming in the bush alone. Upon closer inspection, the Eland was estimated to be around a month old and at this young age, the infants are still feeding on the mother's milk. Since this young bull wouldn't survive on it's own, the guide carefully captured the Eland and loaded it onto the car. We bottle-fed the young Eland until it was ready to start grazing during the day.

2 months later the young Eland has happily adapted to his new home, hanging around with the Kudu and the Sheep ( which were mentioned in our previous blog post ) in an 80-hectare area with a safe sleeping spot for the night when Jackals might be on the hunt.

Did you know?

  • Elands are the biggest Antelope species found in Namibia as well as Africa
  • Eland bulls can weigh up to 950 KG

Based on the above, how do you think this young guy will look in a 'couple years?

UPDATE: It's the 2nd February 2019 and the young eland bull is becoming naughtier by the day it seems... He starts poking you with his horns if you don't feed him as quickly as he would expect it.

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