What does Voluntourism mean?

The word “Voluntourism“ is a combination of the words “Volunteer” and “Tourism”. It refers to an alternative way of travel, which is a blend of a tourist stay and a meaningful use of the own work capacity. This way of traveling gives you the opportunity to use your own skills to help and to develop various parts of an African Farm, for example teaching the workers and advise them on how to make their work more effective. At the same time you don’t have to miss the comfort you are used to from other trips. The volunteer will receive the same treatment as a tourist or guest of the farm in terms of catering or room standards.

This is also the fundamental difference to an internship. The intern doesn’t need to pay for his stay, but he is like a full employee on the farm and not treated like a guest. For those who like to travel and want to get to know the Namibian Farm life, Voluntourism is a good opportunity. Sometimes it’s also the intention of helping and to share the own knowledge with a third-world-country like Namibia. If you like to explore your new environment, feel free to go for it.

At Gabus Game Ranch there are three different ways in which foreign knowledge can be used. Depending on the request, the options can be combined in order to experience all aspects of African farm life.  

-          Teach Adults

-          Teach Children and Teenagers

-          Farm work in the classical sense


Teach Adults

Many of the farm workers have a very limited education, some have never attended school at all. They acquired all their knowledge at work. Nevertheless, there are still gaps in almost all areas that complicate daily work. Getting a basic knowledge in reading and writing is a seemingly unattainable dream for many people here. For example, It would be a great relief for the kitchen staff if they were able to create a shopping list. Also the bartender could mix a lot of exotic cocktails, if he could read the recipes. Here we try to impart knowledge – with your help! For more advanced employees, the computer has a great importance. For many workers, Computer skills would provide the opportunity to make a career jump to better positions.


Teach Children and Teenagers

During school holidays, teenagers would have the time to attend a kind of “adventure camp” where they are accompanied and taught by volunteers. Here you can pass on your knowledge to young people, on which basis they get a chance to shape their future according to their ideas. Also the teaching on old computers and laptops will be gladly accepted!


Farm work in the classical sense

For those who prefer a change between comfort and physical work, the work on the farm itself or in the field may be a good way of helping. These include the following activities:

1. Patrolling of fences (walking or riding horses)
2. Search and collect snares
3. Daily checking on watering troughs for animals
4. Identification of local trees
5. Count and identification of different birds
6. Find and trace new hiking trails
7. Counting wild animals
8. Catch wild animals and construct Bomas
9. Trace maps of the farm and of the hiking trails
10. Exploration of Uisib Mountains
11. Discovering the caves and the bushman’s paintings
12. Combatting bush encroachment
13. Work with the horses (riding & jumping…)
14. Every other technical and manual knowledge is really welcome
Interested volunteers are welcome at least for a week or longer, max. 10 weeks.



Target group and conditions

In order to impart the knowledge and experience which is necessary, you should have some experience and bring appropriate levels of knowledge. There is no age limit.
We calculate the accommodation, meals and life on the farm with a special price of N$ 4499.00 per person per week. Helping Volunteers on our farm should stay at least one week (7 days) or at the most up to 10 weeks.



Please bring the following documents and items for your stay on the farm:

• Passport, Flight reservation, documents
• Camera and charger
• Diary and pencils
• Small backpack
• Simple farm work clothes
• Short pants, T-shirts, Sweater, jeans and hat
(We suggest to bring old clothes to leave after your stay, so that they can be split within the workers)
• Fleece Jacket ( nights can be very cold)
• Good walking shoes
• Sandals
• swim suits and sun screen
• Anti-insect spray
• Water bottle
• Beauty-case
• First aid bag and all personal medication
• Flashlight
• Penknife

We also recommend that you bring
• Good and strong health
• A positive attitude towards life
• pleasure and joy for your tasks and the desire to enrich the lives of others