"Hunting makes out an integral part of sustainable farming on limited land and space. Since there are only very few natural enemies to the constantly increasing number of antelopes, mankind has to take charge to keep numbers under control so as to ensure enough grazing land for the remaining animals.

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Over the past years only very little hunting has taken place so that large herds of antelope are roaming the farmland. Thus hunting ensures mostly good quality trophies which almost always are of Gold medal quality.
To keep up this high standard, very strict hunting rules are enforced und only a very limited amount of hunters are accepted annually.
Hunting takes place on the neighbouring farmland, about 5km away from the lodge area, so that even the animals have space they can call save.
Stalking by foot is a popular form of hunting where both hunter and hunted are given a fair chance and the hunting experience is guaranteed to be an adventurous highlight .

Our motto is Satisfied hunters, fair hunting!

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