For extended stays, the area  offers various sightseeing possibilities as per attached Map,

like the Hoba Meteorite, Grootfontein and Tsumeb Museum, Lake Otjikoto..

Games Drives

The GAME DRIVES are legendary, led by experienced and knowledgable guides who know the area like the palm of their hand. Fauna and Flora are explained in detail and visitors leave, feeling all the wiser and more understanding of what mother nature has to offer.
The variety of game viewed on a single game drive is astonishing and the experience all the more profound by guides pointing out the unobserved by the inexperienced eyes. See nature through the eyes of people who can spot the difference in Zebra’s stripes…
Playfulness of animals may be observed for endless minutes before continuing to the next adventure.
Medicinal and traditional uses of various plants will be understood and can enhance the experience of visiting the wild.
On occasion even Leopard and Cheetah have been spotted, anticipating an easy catch of antelope, while hiding under a bush or in a tree.
Game Drives take place on an open vehicle, letting the fresh breeze blow away all worries, watching Giraffe emerge as if from nowhere, Springbuck showing off their jumping skills, Black Wildebeest – also known as the African clown – doing their best to entertain the onlooker, Impala, Haartebeest, herds of Eland, Waterbuck and of course the stately Kudu.

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Guided hike

guided hike

By going on a guided hike, mother nature is brought even closer to human understanding.Tiny creatures, unobserved from a distance,may be watched and observed.The incredible speed of a lizard, or slow thoughtful movement of a chameleon,- natural wonders without human intervention are just some of the awe inspiring experiences.

Bird Watching

Once caught in bird watching, this soon becomes an addictive hobby. A variety of hundreds of different species of birds provide the most exhilarating entertainment of nature. For avid bird watchers, elevated hides provide excellent bird watching opportunities for the birds that frequent the various waterholes strategically placed all over the farmland.

During the rainy seson, rare and exotic birds from the Delta emigrate to find their breeding nests here. This is a sight only possible for a very limited time during February to April under perfect conditions.

Thonningi Wine Estate

We recommend an interesting excursion to Thonningi Wine Estate, which is situated only 18km from Gabus Game Ranch.  Thonningi is one of only 4 wine farms in Namibia.  After a short tour of the vineyards and  cellars, a wine tasting of the produce paired with delicious snacks may be enjoyed.picture2



And when the mind is filled with all the wonders of nature, a sparkling blue pool provides the perfect relaxation and refreshment for the body. Lounging next to the pool, soaking up the Namibian sun is the perfect guarantee for a completely relaxed state of body and mind. Animal and Bird watching from the pool may proof very exciting and rewarding.






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